STS in Africa

Chaudhury. 2018

This essay answers the analytic: "What events have marked the development of this STS formation?"Read more

Helena Barnard on future directions of STS in Africa

Helena Barnard (April 25, 2018): " The rise of predatory journals and what it suggests about how African scholars perceive the process of knowledge generation is a critically important issue."Read more

Rhoda Omenya on iHub Research origins

What do you think was unique about the type of work that iHub Research conducted? The tech scene in Kenya came to life I believe from 2010 when techies in Kenya had a space to come together and do great stuff as opposed to working as lone wolves (cue the 'alone I go faster, together we go further'...Read more
Coban, Alev. 2018. “Making Hardware in Nairobi: Between Revolutionary Practices and Restricting Imaginations.” The Journal of Peer Production, no. 12 (July).

AO: In this 2018 paper by Alev Coban, she finds that despite the seemingly radical potential of technology "making" in the global South to shift global asymmetries of power, postcolonial power asymmetries persist in relations between Western investors and start-ups/makers, structured by a tech-...Read more

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