STS in Africa

Reflections on developing STS ACROSS BORDERS: STS IN “AFRICA”

AO: This blog post posted on the 4S 2018 website in the weeks before the conference aimed to briefly touch on some of the challenges, motivations and inspirations encountered in the development of the exhibit.Read more

4S 2018 Poster: Thomas Hervé Mboa Nkoudou - FRANCAIS

This poster series was created as part of STS IN "AFRICA" IN FORMATION, an STS Across Borders gallery collection at the 4S 2018 annual meeting in Sydney, Australia. All posters in the STS in Africa poster series can be found ...Read more

Tilley, Helen. 2010. “Global Histories, Vernacular Science, and African Genealogies; or, Is the History of Science Ready for the World?” Isis 101 (1): 110–19.

AO:  In this 2010 article, Helen Tilley argues, like Schumaker, for a field-based approach to studying colonial science and argues that vernacular science is an important area of study to study the situated nature of colonial science and the role that scientists and researchers play...Read more

Langwick, Stacey Ann. 2011. Bodies, Politics, and African Healing: The Matter of Maladies in Tanzania. Bloomington: Indiana University Press.

Abstract: "This subtle and powerful ethnography examines African healing and its relationship to medical science. Stacey A. Langwick investigates the practices of healers in Tanzania who confront the most intractable illnesses in the region, including AIDS and malaria. She reveals how healers...Read more

Black Suns: An Astrophysics Adventure (2017).

Synopsis: " BLACK SUNS: AN ASTROPHYSICS ADVENTURE is a documentary about chasing eclipses and science dreams. It chronicles the lives of two globetrotting African American astrophysicists, Dr. Alphonse Sterling and Dr. Hakeem Oluseyi, as they follow the two solar eclipses that occurred in 2012. Dr...Read more
Juma, Calestous. 2017. “Leapfrogging Progress -- The Misplaced Promise of Africa’s Mobile Revolution.” The Breakthrough Journal (blog). Summer 2017.

AO: This blog article by Calestous Juma talks about the importance of focusing on development of physical infrastructure and related training for the future of development on the African continent. He argues that "Infrastructure is both the backbone of the economy and the motherboard of...Read more

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