What are your broad research interests? In what ways are they represented in this STS research?


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February 24, 2019
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My broad interests lie in the broader arena of STS of environment, climate change adapatation and the politics linked to the epistemology of these studies and the technology transfer of the respective disciplines from one geographical location to another. This, I feel helps me understand the different perspectives and perceptions towards the larger tipping points and how are communitites responding to creating an alternative or making the transition towards an alternative. For instance, in the abstract, Çlimate Technology and Climate Justice,' the pointing out of conditions for decarbonisation vary dramatically both within and across high-income ‘post-industrial’ and low-income industrialising countries, in a context of social relations of electricity generation. 

The three abstracts also talk about the understanding of global phenomenon through the language and the tools developed by scietific communities which are more than what the local communities need to address the changes that science and technology is bringing about in their lives. 

January 20, 2019

My research intresets involve, medical pedagogy and materiality, and traditions of the same. While my research has been focused around the interactions with the material object as a pedagogical tool of teaching, often with a historical approach, this text shifts focus to the sensory act of learning within medical training. Its approach, which maps this sensory act of learning. 

Method of "Wrtitng Implosion" is a ground breaking.