Mapping my Trash_ Domestic Waste to Dumps

It has been a curiosity to map my trash, not because I cannot imagine where it would end up, but because, the place where I live is an emerging institutional set up that also has residential facilities. This is an attempt to understand how systems of regulations are laid into place when it comes to household waste management-- a pertinent question being whether or if they are laid into place or whether they fall into place. There are of course other elements like actors, factors, agents, policies, and different kinds of networks that play a role as these systems fall into place. The attempt is to gather a holistic narrative of this 'messy' tale. I am thinking of this more as a bottom-up approach to document the material reality of my own trash---various journeys and hands it passes through, the issues it causes before it ends up wherever it does. Given my geographic location, on the outer peripheries of a metropolitan city in India, it is an attempt to capture the local truths about our trash.


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Created date

February 25, 2019