Kelly Joyce

Kelly Joyce, PhD, is a professor in the Department of Sociology and in the Science, Technology, and Society program. Professor Joyce is the author of the book "Magnetic Appeal: MRI and the Myth of Transparency" (Cornell University Press, 2008) and is co-editor of "Technogenarians: Studying Health and Illness through an Aging, Science, and Technology Lens" (Wiley-Blackwell Publishers, 2010). Joyce studies the social, cultural and political dimensions of medical technology innovation. Her research is situated at the crossroads of medical sociology and science and technology studies—it has been funded by the National Science Foundation and NIH.

Joyce previously was an associate professor of sociology at the College of William and Mary. She also served as a program director for the Science, Technology, and Society program and the Ethics Education in Science and Engineering program at the National Science Foundation during 2009-2011. She received the Director's Award for Collaborative Integration for contributing to the education of ethical scientists, interagency collaboration and extraordinary efforts in integrating ethical expertise with scientific knowledge in 2011.


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June 30, 2018