Interview with Helen Verran - Part 1 of 2



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August 5, 2018

Critical Commentary

This is Part 1 of a two-part video interview with Helen Verran, a key figure in Australian Science and Technology Studies.  

Part 1 covers Helen Verran's background / STS in Australia and its relationship to STS overseas

Part 2 covers Helen Verran's concepts, and can be found here.


Helen Verran’s background

00:37 Career beginning 

05:00 Moving to Nigeria 

07:10 Following the development of the field of STS from a distance

07:40 Coming back to Australia from Nigeria 

09:30 Joining Deakin University

11:00 Start of engagement in Indigenous knowledge

15:55 Development of the Deakin STS community

20.20 Move to UniMelb HPS

21:30 Bruno Latour meeting at Unimelb

23:30 HPS vs Sociology of Science - Concern to explain difference

STS in Australia and its relationship to STS overseas

24:10 Identifying Australian STS and its uniqueness

26:15 Working from the periphery in relation to global STS

29:15 The contributions of Australian STS

32:20 Promise of Deakin STS in the future