Catalyst "News in Focus": Ebola

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July 28, 2018

Critical Commentary

This essay features a discssion on the "Ebola" outbreak as part of the "News in Focus" section of the journal Catalyst. The curators, Deboleena Roy and banu Subramaniam note in the abstract:

"As we planned this inaugural issue, and watched the news of Ebola in the U.S. media, we witnessed the epidemic of Ebola happening "out there" and then the ensuing panic when it arrived "here" in the U. S. The coverage was hauntingly similar and yet different. With each global pandemic, we have heard growing cries for a global "management" often tied to circuits of biomedicine, pharmaceuticals, and (inter)national security. A year later, the many apocalyptic narratives have been laid to rest for the time being, but Ebola remains in the air as an early warning of the epidemic "still to come." We asked three interdisciplinary scholars to reflect on what they saw." 



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